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Fire Performers are one of the most thrilling acts to watch. Be amazed as our Fire Performers create mesmerizing patterns, display incredible fire eating and produce flames that explode into the air.

What Can I Expect From A Fire Performer At My Event?

Live Performers will provide Fire Performer packages that are catered to fit your event. The packages will include freestyle performances, these sets will run up to 10 minutes and will be performed throughout the time you have booked.

If you looking for a headline act then Live Performer’s can also provide a set choreographed Fire Show that will surely dazzle your audience.

Performance Details

Freestyle Performance

Freestyle performances will be 10 minutes in length and can be performed throughout your event up to four times. These performances provide a dynamic and vibrant source of entertainment. All performances will be catered to fit your occasion. This package is also perfect for those wanting a grand entrance with our Fire Performers standing either side to greet your guests.

Freestyle Packages

Fire or Glow Performance: 1 performer, up to 1 hour
Fire Performance with fire breathing: 1 performer, up to 1 hour.
Fire or Glow Performance: 2 performers, up to 2 hours
Fire Performance with fire breathing: 2 performers, up to 2 hours

Fire Shows

Live Performer ‘s provides choreographed Fire Shows that are guaranteed to provide maximum impact. These shows feature three performers, are fully choreographed to music and displays our talented artists skills including poi, body burning, fire eating, hula hoop and fire transfers. Live Performers can tailor these shows for both in and outdoor as well as your individual needs.

Fire Show

3 performers, 1 x 15 minute choreographed stage show.

How Do I Know If Fire Performers Are Safe?

Here at Live Performers all of our Fire Performers are fully insured through reputable companies, such as Equity and have been working in the professional industry for over 10 years. Safety comes first to us so we will provide a site visit if required and thoroughly access the venue. We will make sure that the right sized equipment is used, at your venue. If you want our performers inside all we will need is a space that is sectioned off and three meters away from any member of public.

Please contact us if you have any further information regarding safety.

Your safety is our number one priority here at Live Performers.

What If I’ve booked A Fire Performer And It Rains?

Relax, we can move our freestyle performances outside to inside even if your venue doesn’t permit fire. Our artistes will always bring their Glow equipment with them to every performance, so even if it does rain at the last minute your event won’t be compromised.