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Aerial Rope


An Aerial Rope performer will use one solid piece of rope to perform a stunning, contemporary aerial performance.

Dazzling entertainment for your next event.

What Will An Aerial Rope Performer Do?

Our Aerial Rope performers will dazzle your guests and provide you with entertainment that is not only different, but also exceptionally stunning.

Here at Live Performers we will provide Aerial Rope performance packages that are catered to fit your venue and event. The packages will include ambient aerial performances, these sets are a striking way to start off your evening. Our Aerial Rope performers will mix and mingle with your guests whilst sat up high providing a stunning entrance for your guests. Moving forward into your evening our Aerial Rope performers will provide you with up to two breath taking acts that are choreographed to set music and will last for up to 5 minutes.

Aerial Rope Performers Tailored To Your Event.

Our Aerial Rope acts can be tailored to fit perfectly with your event, Live Performers will help you create your dream event from start to finish. Please see Bespoke Events for more information.

What performance packages can I have at my event?

Gold Platinum
Aerial Rope Performance with 1 performer:

2 x 5 minute Aerial Rope Acts
Aerial Rope Performance with 2 performers:

2x10 minute Ambient Performances on Silks or Hoop.
2 x 5 minute Aerial Rope Acts.

Will my venue allow an Aerial Rope Performer?

Here at Live Performers our Aerial Rope Performers will need a ceiling with a minimum height of 5 meters. An already certified rig point would be ideal however we can work with structural beams, girders or reinforced hooks one's similar to hanging large lighting such as chandeliers.

All points must support a safe workload limit of 200kg, a breaking strain of 550kg and have a way for the artiste to safely reach the rig point.

Please let us know your venue as soon as possible, this allows us plenty of preparation time for your event to ensure you will have our amazing aerial performers.

At certain venues a certified rigger may need to be hired at an additional cost.

Please contact us to discuss our Aerial Rope Performers at your venue.